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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is a device that can be used at home to remove hair permanently from the underarms, face, bikini area etc. Laser hair removal has always been talked about for quite some years now. It is important to understand the process of laser hair removal, to be able to understand how this device works and also its benefits. Here is the process:
The laser is a beam of light that is concentrated and gets emitted from a huge machine usually present at medical clinics. It is a micro-thin laser and this ensures that the particular hair follicles that are to be targeted are precise. The hair has pigment which absorbs the light and destroys the hair follicle that is present underneath the skin’s surface. The laser usually kills the hair follicle permanently which leads to hair free and glossy legs or underarms or hands. Mostly hair removal done by laser lasts for many number of years, however it needs to be performed again to maintain the smooth and hair – free skin. This means that one round of laser treatment is already very expensive, but then it needs to be re-done. So all in all, laser hair removal is a pretty expensive affair. And since this treatment is so expensive, hence we know very less people who get it done.
About Tria Laser 4X
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X easily fits into the human hand and does the exact things that are done while in a laser treatment. And the best part is, it comes way much cheaper and absolutely affordable by one and all. So women can get achieve their dream hands or legs in no time and that too without being hard on the pocket. Here are some other features of this wonderful device are :
a) It is not strong as the one used in the doctors, but does the same work using the diode laser technology yielding the same wondrous result.
b) The size of the device is small and can concentrate on a smaller area at one time. But then a bigger device would need a bigger battery and would be difficult to hold in the hand.
c) While doing a treatment at the doctor’s office, it would be a painful procedure. While using this laser removal device, it would be painful too but then lesser than the procedure at a medical clinic.
How to activate it?
Once a customer receives the product, they need to call the company to activate it. When the call is made to the company, they talk the customer through a quiz that helps to set the device properly and makes it absolutely ready for use. This call is important, otherwise the device would stay locked. And also one would not be completely aware of the correct process to use it on the skin.
Battery of the Tria 4X
The battery is really powerful although it needs to be changed after a single sitting. Usually the battery life ends after 90,000 pulses. The battery can be replaced by calling the company.
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