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On January 16, 2013
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It captures all of the on-track twists and turns in what was an action-packed season...

F1 2012 Season Review DVDIf you ever need reminding that even idiots have a point of view sometimes, just pick a random product on Amazon and delve into its review section.

Chances are that you will stumble upon some buffoons who have bestowed an item with a one-star rating and given it negative feedback for the strangest of reasons, like the recently released Formula 1 Season Review 2012 DVD, for example.

Ignoring the ignoramus who claims the sport is fixed, there are a few individuals who were so incensed that Santa could not bring them a copy for Christmas that they felt compelled to express their anger online. People are funny sometimes.

In an ideal world it would have been available shortly after the chequered flag fell in Brazil, but – for reasons I can’t fully understand – it wasn’t, and annoying as that was, it is hardly a justifiable reason to mark it down.

What has arrived though, is a fairly comprehensive recap of last season’s 20 races and how Sebastian Vettel came to claim his third successive World Championship.

Each grand prix is thoroughly covered – although purists may complain about the lack of practice and qualifying footage – and the main feature flows smoothly from one round to the next, especially since they have dropped the pre-race amble that unnecessarily regurgitated what had occurred in the previous event.

What is missing, however, is a total lack of context and analysis to go with each race. Why, for example, were Mercedes quick in China, but hopelessly off the pace afterwards? How exactly did Pastor Maldonado give Williams its first victory in eight years in Barcelona, only to have it spoilt by a fire that erupted afterwards? Lotus were competitive in Bahrain, why was…

The list is endless, and as a full in-depth story of the 2012 season it falls incredibly short. But, as a race review alone, it can’t be faulted.

At just over five hours – split across two DVDs – you get plenty of racing footage for your money, some of which failed to make it onto the live broadcast the first time around.

[pullquote]It captures all of the on-track twists and turns in what was an action-packed season…[/pullquote]Highlights include Vettel getting stroppy during the Spanish Grand Prix when he was penalised for deploying DRS in a yellow flag zone, Bruno Senna’s first-lap in Canada – from a nose-mounted camera – and the multiple camera angles of the chaos that ensued at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix.

For those of you craving some on board action, the extras section is packed to the gills with them, with a range of footage that includes Nico Rosberg’s maiden pole position in China, Fernando Alonso’s stonking start in Valencia and the first-lap drama in the season finale, which is seen from a variety of different angles.

Other extras include a lengthy piece on pre-season testing, Senna talking about his uncle (again), and an insightful article on the importance of team radio and communication between engineer and driver, with McLaren’s Dave Robson and Ferrari’s Andrea Stella discussing how they get the best out of their drivers.

And before I forget, there is also the option to turn commentator Ben Edward’s microphone off and listen to the engine notes and team radio instead. Odd, but a welcome addition all the same.

As an all-encompassing record of the year, F1 Season Review 2012 DVD disappoints, and you wonder if the format is need of a reboot ahead of the next instalment. That said, it does capture all of the on-track twists and turns in what was an action-packed season, and it should keep fans going until testing starts next month.


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Format: PAL
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Language: English
Studio: Metrodome Distribution (7 Jan 2013)
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R.R.P: £19.99

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