Alan Kempster: Half man, full hero


Alan Kempster

Have you heard of Alan Kempster before?

I hadn’t until someone mentioned him on the collective awareness system that is Twitter recently, leaving me slightly frustrated as to how such a remarkable individual had failed to appear on my radar sooner.

What makes Kempster so extraordinary is that he is a double-amputee – a double amputee who also competes in motorcycle racing.

He lost both his right arm and leg in a terrible accident involving a drunk lorry driver, but rather than sit around feeling helpless and depressed, he set about trying to resume his racing career instead.

After cleverly rigging up his bike so that the controls – throttle, brake and clutch – were all situated on the left side of his bike, he gained special dispensation from his local motorcycle racing league to compete and won on his first time out.

But perhaps his greatest achievement of all is that he makes us realise that no disadvantage is impossible to overcome, and that anything can be achieved when the desire is strong enough.

Oh, and his racing number?


Be sure to follow his progress on his dedicated Facebook page which can be found here.

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