The spirit of Turn 10


It is but a fortnight till the 60th anniversary of one of the greatest races in the world – the 12 Hours of Sebring.

A true test of man and machinery, it is – thanks to the bumpy track surface and Flordia’s perennial hot weather – considered to be an even tougher challenge than competing in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Much like the classic endurance event, fans make their annual pilgrimage to the Sebring International Raceway circuit for a weekend of racing and festivities. And nowhere is that more prevalent than down at Turn 10.

Scaffolding is erected, hundreds of chicken wings are consumed and copious amounts of beer guzzled. The full 90 degree right-hander that is Turn 10 plays host to a community that party like it is 1999 all over again – for two days straight – and revel in sports car racing action.

The following documentary by John Sutherland brilliantly illustrates the spirit of the race and the sense of camaraderie within the group affectionately known as the “Woodstock of Racing.” It’s enough to make you want to hop on the next available flight to Florida.

Legendary fans at a legendary race.


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