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Autocourse 1971-72 eBookFor many, Autocourse is regarded as the definitive account of the motor racing season, and thus, proves highly collectable, with old volumes swapping hands for vast amounts of money. In the case of some specific years – 1970, for example – prices can easily reach £200, such is their rarity.

Anyone with shelves bulging under the weight of several decades’ worth of Autocourses, hoping to one day tap into this niche market, may wish to look away right about now, for a number of editions are making the transition to digital format. Starting with the 1971-1972 volume.

All 200 pages of this edition have been archived and committed to disc, available for the princely sum of £19.99, which represents excellent value for money for what is such a fantastic resource.

From the World Champion’s foreword written by Jackie Stewart, through the sombre obituaries for Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez, and on to the season reviews of Formula 1, sports cars and US racing – Autocourse circa 1971 is a brilliant era for the publishers to begin their digital exploits.

Generally, I steer clear as far as eBooks go. I prefer old fashioned paper and ink when it comes to my reading – something more tangible. But there’s no denying that with its easy navigation, legibility, and useful search facility, Autocourse circa 1971 in digital format is a wonderful nostalgic treat.

Most importantly of all, however, is that it provides an opportunity for a wider audience to delve into motor racing history when, due to scarcity and inflated prices, they otherwise would never have been able to do so.

Aficionados may scoff, probably worried by the future value of their prized collection, but such a detailed record of the 1971 season is too good an opportunity to miss, and I look forward to further volumes making the transition to disc format in the not too distant future.

Rating: 5/5

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Format: DVD Disc No. of discs: 1
Publisher: Icon Publishing Price: £19.99
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  1. I’m in 2 minds about this. I own an eReader and was quite happy to offload old, barely read, novels in favour of the new technology. But when it comes to magazines, newspapers, and reference books I still prefer to hold something in my hand, flick through the pages. Plus, if you’re going to make an eBook, why not make it available in digital format to download onto your device? Having a CD-ROM sort of defeats the point of an eBook, in my opinion.

    I do think this is a good step forward, and will open up the classic editions of Autocourse to a wider audience, which is never a bad thing. But I can’t help feeling that it’s not quite there yet. And I can’t quite picture who would buy this in its current format.

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