Review: British Rally Championship Review 2010 DVD


In an ideal world this review would have graced the Internet a couple of months ago. Well before the 2011 British Rally Championship got underway anyway. But we’ll cast aside my lacklustre time management skills for now and get on with analysing Duke Video’s 2010 season review of the UK-based rally series…

Keeping in with the honesty vibe, I have to admit that you could quite comfortably write everything I know about the BRC on a grain of rice.

I know over the years it’s proved to be a feeder series that’s nurtured the likes of Ari Vatanen and Colin McRae, but the more contemporary BRC I know diddily squat about – a case of too many racing categories, too little time.

So it’s interesting to watch a season review DVD with next to no knowledge for a change. It’s a good way of gauging whether it is genuinely informative and entertaining, regardless of your interest in the category.

Shame then that the BRC Review 2010 DVD lets itself down within the first few minutes by assuming that you’ve been following the series for several years.

There’s no attempt in providing any background on any of the competitors, just a quick catch up with reigning champion Keith Cronin (who looks like Eric Bouiller’s Irish brother) and would-be challengers Gwyndaf Evans, Craig Breen and Jonny Greer ahead of the first stage in the Welsh forests.

That aside, what we do get is a four hour comprehensive review from all six rounds of the championship. There’s plenty of in-car footage and decent analysis from Robbie Head who does a good job of providing the full story on a season which culminated in a thrilling down-to-the-wire finish.

With six drivers in with a chance of taking the crown on the very last round, BRC Review 2010 proves to be thoroughly enjoyable to watch, to the point you wonder quite how you missed such an epic title chase in the first place.

So newbies will certainly gain something out of watching the BRC Review 2010 DVD as it does an amicable job of recapping what was an action-packed season of rallying. Hardened BRC followers will probably own a copy already, and if they don’t, why the devil not, eh?


British Rally Championship 2010 is out to buy now and is available from leading video outlets or direct from Duke video: visit online.

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